Creating audiobooks for your kids with your voice.

When I was a kid I enjoyed my mom’s readings of story books. She was an excellent reader.Being a working mom, she wasn’t around during the day. Somehow, I came up with the idea of using our tape recorder to record mom’s readings. I have memories of listening to them when she wasn’t home, often as background. Fast-forward and I’m spending a lot of time reading to my own kids. I thought to myself “how about I create some recordings for them?” Posted with this blog post is one of the stories I recorded. 1 This is the book: To encourage others to do the same for their own kids, I’ve created a youtube video with instructions 2 All you need is a voice recorder (for example a recording app for your phone), a PC, and the software Reaper. 3. Although not required, I also recommend running the result through Auphonic to even out the volume and reduce some noise. How long does it take? Assuming a normal reading of particular story of 10mins:
  • maybe 15mins to record. Whenever I incorrectly read a line, I just read it again
  • maybe 10mins to edit out the bad lines. I edit at 1.5 playback speed (sounding like a chipmunk)
  • another 5 mins of miscellaneous.
If you do something similar, I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

  1. If you’re reading this through the mail list, you’ll probably need to click to the website

  2. again, if you’re reading through the email, you want to come to the site. youtubes seem to be omitted

  3. The may be an audio editing package for the Mac 😉

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