Some photography tips

 I’ve recently had two people ask me the same question about how I took some recent pictures. I sent them mail about it, but I figure I’d share with the two people that are subscribed to this blog 😉
IMG_4252.jpg I used a white sheet as the background and two 4×8 vinyl bathroom surround sheets from homedepot. probably $20 each. Note that this is easier if you have a two flashes.  I’ve considered getting a third. 😉 Also this one:
IMG_4261.jpg This one I took with a black sheet:
To take the pictures with the white background, you need to flashes, but you can get a good start with just one:
$21 lightstand
$14 bracket
  $5  umbrella
$28 wireless trigger $68 total. To learn how to do this, read this series of blog entries: This group has great discussion: Lot’s of examples of what you can do. White background while you’re at it, this blog is very interesting as well. The explanation of the physics of megapixels vs sensor size. my next flash purchase will be one of these: he flash is this one
I recently bought a larger white backdrop. I was using a white bedsheet, but it’s not large enough.
If you want to talk lenses this is a great resource:
I’d love to have this one:
but at $1200, it’s a bit spendy.