compost sifter

Since I have as much space as I do (for a city boy), I generate a lot of compost. One ofthe problems I face is that there a many larger chunks in there that should be separated out.So I built a compost sifter. It needs some refinements, but it works ok.

Birds and the Bees

Robie and I took a beekeeping class htis past Saturday and we’ve decided to take the plunge. The guy teaching the class had an extra “Nuc” of bees that we bought from him on Sunday. On Monday morning, I got the stuff needed to setup a hike and last night we moved the bees into their new home. “Nuc” stands for nucleus. You take some of the bees from an existing hive along with a couple frames of honey and larvae and for a new colony. Frames are the honeycomb boards in the hive.