Childhood music part1

When I was about 5 or 6 years old, my kindergarten had a special performance by the Frankfurter Figuren Theater. It was very nice; I remember the evening. This theater group had produced a record “musik für fans” and a signup sheet when around the parents for anyone that wanted a copy.My mom bought a copy and it may be the most played record in the history of all records anywhere in the universe. musik_fur_fans_front musik_fur_fans_back I was a partial latch key kid. My kindergarten got out at 2 or 3 and I walked home with my friends who lived in the same building. and I was on my own until mom got home at 51 . She always called me at about the time I’d get home and she always ended the conversation with “don’t kill yourself”. 2 While home alone, I usually put on a record or tape and the record by this theater group was the main thing I played. I would venture to say that I listened to this record several times a day, every day for a year or two. This post includes a recording of side 1 of that record. It’s in German so likely not that entertaining to my normal reader. This is a record from ~1978 (I can’t find a year on it). I haven’t been able to find it for sale anywhere. If I get a pointer to such a sale link, I’ll be happy to point to that instead of including it.  

  1. note that this was at age 5 or 6. I was walking with several other kids, but still… I was 5 or 6. Could you imagine that happening today?

  2. I was a curious kid, often playing with my electric lego train. pretty innocuous but she did catch me once jamming one of her knitting needles into the electrical socked. This was in Germany with 220v. needless to say, I survived

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