Sous Vide Immersion Heater

I recently happened up this article about making a sous vide immersion controller. I peaked my curiosity since I’ve had difficulty in properly cooking steaks. Once I got to reading, I found a pretty good website on cooking sous vide. So I decided to try it myself. I got a PID controller off ebay (~$20) and a solid state relay (~$6.50), wired em up to controll my crock pot and gave it a try with some chuck roast. The results were quite tender, but I need to do better on the finish. I seared it on my BBQ but I think I need to let it sit there longer.Some implementation notes. The PID controller claims to control an SSR, but the ebay ad lied. The seller claimed to be ignorant on the products they sell, but I think it’s BS. I recommend against them. Women of the world should feel ashamed at this person (I’m just a dumb woman, hee hee) (jinpengcart2011).:
Dear mmccoo,
hi my friend,thanks for your msg

in fact, may be i will know less this items then you .i am a worker (lady)
i really know litter about this kind of products
so i aslo feel very comfuse
i have send the instruction to you ,
you can have a check wether it can help you
is this ok ?
i believe you are more better then me .i believe you will find the result
when you have result you can come back to me
no matter what ,i can protect your profit
is this ok?
waiting for your reply and wish you have a nice day

Not all was lost though. I figured out a way to wired it up for SSR control. I patched into the control signal to the relay (the red and black wires. click on the image for a larger shot): IMG_4724.jpg Here are some addition photos. I still need to add wall plates. IMG_4727.jpg IMG_4728.jpg

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