Intel is promoting WiMax, a type of broadband internet that is based on wireless technologies rather than telephone or cable lines. Portland is one of the first cities to have the service available and because of Intel’s affiliation with clear (the name of the local WiMax provider) employees get a discount. $20 for unlimited use at home plus 200MB/month mobile. I figure that if it works well for me at home, that’s all I need for it to be cost effective. mobile access would be a bonus. So I signed up for it yesterday in the cafeteria and I’m trying it today for the first time.   Here are the speed test results for comcast and clearwire. Comcast is MUCH faster in both the bandwidth and roundtrip time (ping)   I’m less concerned about the bandwidth than the ping. My next test will be do download some stuff on bittorrent.  stay tuned.  

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