Done got me a lincoln

One thing I’ve wanted to for a long time now is learn how to weld metal. I took a class a couple years ago but I didn’t take it very far. I didn’t have an idea for a project to provide context. Because I want to make a larger Rocket Stove, the idea of welding was recently rekindled.So I poked around on ebay and found myself a new Lincoln 175HD The other day, I welded up my first useful thing. I got a couple pieces of rebar I had lying around from an older project and made a compost aerator/stirrer. I got the idea from this. The idea is that I jam the pointy end into the compost pile and let the barbs move things around. Works pretty well, though it does require some strength. Either way, no “black man” should be without a lincoln. Well, now, I’ve got one too.

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