No More Lola

For about the last five years, I’ve had a cat Lola. Kelli and i got her from a co-worker at Remax. We wanted a second cat besides Alley, preferably a kitten. Kelli asked around and heard about Lola.We were a little dissapointed at first because she was a fully grown cat, but we took her anyway. For a while we joked that she’s not the brightest cat in the universe; she was always skittish, didn’t like to be picked up and was easily startled. Because we still wanted kittens, we eventually got Frankie and Cohen and it was with their arrival that Lola started to shine. Neither Lola nor the kittens got along with Alley, but they took to each other quickly. It is my belief that Frankie and Cohen were taken from their mom too early, but Lola filled in some of the blanks. The three of them generally slept in a big pile and they even “nursed” from her. I put the in quotations because I can’t imagine she was producing any milk. The kittens are full grown cats now, each weigh twice as much as Lola even at her heaviest. A couple weeks ago, she started losing weight. She was always a pretty sedentary cat, so it wasn’t obvious when she started losing strength. Seeing that she’d lost so much weight, I finally took her to the vet this past Wednesday. When the doctor (Dr Casazza at North Portland Veterinary) examined her and did some tests, she found that Lola was very dehydrated and very anemic. The initial theory was kidney failure, didn’t sound good. She was put on IV fluids and after a day of seemingly improving, she took a turn for the worse. In the end, cancer was the only diagnosis that made sense. There were other theories, but none of them had a hopeful prognosis. So finally, yesterday, we had to put her down.
I would add that the Vets at the clinic really rock! In everything that they do, their dedication to the animals that they treat shines through. They are great at explaining what’s happening with my cats, I never feel rushed like when I see a doctor myself. The animals are clearly the first priority. I am grateful they are part of the community that I live in. Lola will be missed Oh, even though Dr Casazza (couldn’t find a link for her) was the doctor with whom I interacted on this the most, it was Dr Fletcher that helped us through the last hour or two. She rocks too.

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