How to subscribe to a blog

I had lunch with my friend Grady today, catching up and so forth. At some point, I was talking about one of my recent projects and how I have pictures on my blog. He says, he’ll check it out, but it made me ask, “why don’t you just subscribe to it?”He doesn’t know how and suggested I do an entry about it. Here’s a video about subscribing to RSS feeds that seems pretty good: but here’s how I do it: go to your favorite website (like mine) and look for “feed” or “xml” or “rss” and click on the button. Here’s what it looks like on mine: Click on feed, and in firefox, you’ll get something that looks like this: Notice I use the google reader “subscribe to feed using Google”. Hit subscribe and you’ll have two options, the reader and google home. I use the reader Click on the add button and you’ll taken to the google read page, which in my case looks like this Once you’ve subscribed, google will check if there are any articles you haven’t seen yet. One stop shopping for all your news and updates. Other blogs behave a little different. For example, here’s what it looks like on, I blog I like to read They actually give you some options In my case, I chose “all treehugger categories” I also like to read the blog The Oil Drum for them the link is here: you want to click on the three semicircles.

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