New Rocket Stove

It’s been a while since my last posting, but I have been working on my rocket stove and I’d say it’s just about done. My first stove was pretty small, measuring 6″ in diamater inside and 10″ outside. Well, the new one is made from a 55 gallon drum.

IMG_0060.jpgOne of the big lessons from the other stove is that airflow is key. I recently had the furnace in my house replaced and I had the guys leave the old one behing so I could scavenge for parts. One of these parts is a blower fan.


Next, I needed a way to distribute the air into the combustion chamber (how’s that for technical jargon?) If you look closely or click on the image for a larger view, you’ll see that I’ve drilled holes on one side of each of the tubes. This is also to cause a swirling. I want the air to move around as much as possible before leaving.

Here are some shots of the barrel from below. This should give you a better idea of what’s going on.

IMG_9913.jpg nextIMG_9914.jpg

And here’re a couple inside shots.
IMG_9917.jpg IMG_9918.jpg

Next, I created some forms so I could line the inside with …

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