not quite the same as a porch monkey.

Recently, our beehive swarmed and a good portion of them moved into the column of my porch. That was three weeks ago. Last night we opened the column to move them out. WOW! they really moved in.

I got to use my bee vacuum and it worked ok. I was careful to not use to have the airflow too high, but they’re pretty good at hanging on. Next time, I’ll probably go full blast. Hopefully, this will be the last time I need to use it.

The amazing this is how large the honeycombs are. I removed about 5 pieces that were larger the normal hive frames. the frames are about 9"x17". I couldn’t salvage much of it and in the end, it looks like we do have a honey harvest. Will probably get about a gallon plus the beeswax.

Here are some of the bees that ended up in the vacuum. There were many left in the column.

To get the rest of them to move in, I placed the be hive next to where they’re used to living.

The hive has much of their comb in it to attract them. So far, that’s not working. The part that really sucks (as if all this didn’t already suck) is that they don’t want to complete the move. It appears that most of them phoned home and went home.

I’m hoping this means that I managed to not kill the queen (I ended up killing many bees last nigh. it was very sad) and they were protecting her. Hopefully, they will realize that they’re too exposed now and the suggested home really is their best option.

Porch bees

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