A couple days ago, my friend Trey sent me a link to an online game Greater than Sudoku. It’s pretty cool. When I first discovered the original Sudoku, I was pretty hooked for a while. This one’s a nice variation on it. The thing is, in order to succeed, you need to keep track of much more stuff. That’s a level of detail orientation I’m not so good at.

What I am good at is writing software. So I wrote a solver which enabled me to get on the high score list. The solver works pretty fast; I’m only limited by the speed with which I can enter the board into the program and then enter the resulting solution. My high score is so close to the other scores, I suspect that a couple other people have taken on the same programming challenge.

Still it’s a nice game, and like youtube they allow you to embed the game. I initially tried this but wordpress didn’t seem to like it.

So we’ll have to settle for a link: Greater Than Sudoku

Greater than sudoku

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