I recently came across two interesting articles in The Atlantic magazine on gender role type stuff.

I chose my choice! and Are we not men?

Both are actually book reviews in an editorial like format. I chose my choice talks about the ways women have and have not benefitted by moving from the home to the workplace. Is sitting in a cubicle really more rewarding than staying at home with the kids and is mixing a martini for the husband and preparing a roast for dinner really that bad compared to sitting in traffic? Of course, it’s all more complicated than that, but Sandra Tsing Loh has some interesting thoughts on it all.

The other article is a review of a couple Playboy anthology type releases but the author spends most of the article talking comparing the things he learned by reading Playboy as a kid, reading the advice column. Contrary to what you’d expect, he learned some of the things that are are part of being a “Man” not in the macho sense, but in the strong, enlightened way that real men fit into society. Maxim, on the other hand just encourages boys to oogle and buy more stuff.

I recommend both as good reads.

men's and women's roles

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