Day before yesterday, I started driving to LA with my sister, Jovan. We’re in SF now. Since gas is over $4, I decided to take it slow, keeping the cruise control at 60. Most, but not all of the others on the road were faster, but not flying by.
I filled the tank whenever we stopped somewhere, first after about 250 miles, and then again after about 200. In both cases, I calculated about 31.5 mpg! The EPA mileage for my car is 20/25 here’s the gov site for that
I was pretty stoked. Last time I drove down, I think I got about 27 and I think I was going 65. Let’s say we go 1000 miles. That would mean 37 vs 31.7 gallon. At $.25/gallon, or $157.4 vs $134.9. 16.7 hours vs 15.4

gas mileage driving to LA

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